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ACTION BRONSON with The Alchemist, Tiron & Ayomari, Cobraconda, & Matty Mac

Ages 12+ Only
at Fox Theatre
1135 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302
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ACTION BRONSON Two things there aren't a lot of in hip-hop today: 1) Albanian rappers and 2) Rappers who are also trained chefs. Action Bronson is both of those things. Taking his name from famous Chicago gangster William "Action" Jackson and actor Charles Bronson, Action Bronson cooks like Mario Batali (but with more swagger) and raps like Ghostface Killah except with more lyrics about food). He released his debut LP, Dr. Lecter, this year to overwhelmingly positive reviews and reactions to his new album, Well Done, which dropped November 22, 2011, has equally impressed critics. THE ALCHEMIST TIRON TiRon is not a rap alias, it’s Los Angeles-based rapper’s God-given name. He’s quickly rising in the Cali Hip Hop scene, but still feels like an outsider. Because of his dual upbringing in the Chicago outskirts and in the heart of L.A., his music embodies the honesty of the Midwest mixed with the glossy novelty of California dreams. Amidst the contradiction, the young artist made a conscious decision to just be himself. AYOMARI From the southern metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia, there is a young man with talent and drive to push their music to the ears of music lovers across all genres Ayomari (who now lives in Los Angeles) has been featured with also up and coming artist TiRon on many items that were in on TiRon's "Ketchup" release Ayomari is now complete and release their debut release titled "The PB & J Solution" Ayomari has shaken the crowds along the side of Pac Div UNI Blu Dom Kennedy, Diz Gibran, etc. COBRACONDA Cobraconda is a group. Spencer, Graham and Mikey are the guys in the group. They like partying, playing shows and beats. Cobraconda makes rap songs. They DJ too. Spencer and Graham met while touring the country playing hard metal for soft kids. They started writing rap songs to appease their inner lust for big party tunes and soon there after quit the metal bands and hit the studio. After a short stint of trying to launch the group in NYC two summers ago, they moved back to Denver, CO (their hometown) and put the axe to the grindstone. This is when Mikey came into the picture and the group finally started to blossom into the beautiful young woman it is today. MATTY MAC Matty Mac is an up and coming rapper from Boulder, Colorado who's been making a name for himself through a few solo mixtapes, the latest being "Kid Vision" which dropped May 1st, 2012. After the release of the "My Life in Color Mixtape"(Spring 2011), Matty Mac was interviewed and featured on WWSmag.com. During Summer 2011, "The Mid-Summer Mixtape"(July 2011) was released and he teamed up with the clothing company, Most Valuable Threads, out of San Diego CA. Matty Mac landed the deal at his college orientation when he happened to talk with one of the owners, Shea Backus. He also put out his first music video, shot and edited by Brandon Kahl (KU Film student).
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