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Radio 1190 Pledge Drive featuring Rubedo, Achille Lauro, Mancub, & Colfax Speed

Ages 12+ Only
at Fox Theatre
1135 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302
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The dissociated complexes of the preconscious can be made to dance together into a single braid, some unity whose potential outdistances its fragments. Defined and in defiance of this reordering, chaos threatens to pull the braid apart and start again, looking not for measurable progress but simply newness. These twin forces of unification and chaos are at war and in harmony � the individual is a part and apart of the whole, pulled by what makes him unique and what makes them together. The process of integration into the true self is a bridge between the past and the future, held over the expanse of right now. Rubedo is three selves as a tempest � they spin away from one another and create a system oscillating between disorder and unity, building structure just as it sounds like they�re threatening to separate. On their first recorded whole, Massa Confusa, each member takes turns building or tearing down through his tools. Within a single song, Alex Trujillo�s guitar will move between gentleness, taut restraint, and an inevitable cathartic explosion. Greg Ziemba�s nuanced drumming holds structures together in one hand and expresses itself furtively with the other. And somewhere between or in front of these two energies is Kyle Gray, setting song machines in motion on a synth�s edge, or with the melodic gathering of notes on well-traveled nylon strings. But it�s his haunting voice and evocative lyrics that are most immediately magnetic and forceful, individuated from the instruments and also urging them forward. Massa Confusa is Rubedo�s first stage, in which the prevailing structures are dismembered and creative chaos barely governs their universe. It is a starting point that�s also the end of an old order � what happens next? It probably already is. Most apparent in the quieter, compassionate moments on the LP, these disparate forces have gone from emerging as three to merging as one. Rubedo will move forward, or upwards, or beyond only through this process of coming together and tearing apart. It�s a band that is in harmony one instant and at war the next, and it�s exactly this binary tension which defines their advancement.
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